When a friend spoke in Sunday School about her trip to Israel, it made many of us want to go there as well. We had visited the Jerusalem  show at the Imax Theatre iand it, too, sparked our interest in learning more about all of the places we read and study about in church.  In addition, we were introduced to three young women – one Jew, one Christian, and one Muslim in the movie. All of them expressed a desire to be able to live and get along peacefully in a part of the world that is often in turmoil.

All of these occurances, along with memories of my mother who often spoke of being able to “walk where Jesus walked” spurred us along and before we knew it, we had signed up, booked tickets, and are now packing bags and preparing to leave on a journey of great expectations. For some of us, we want to better understand the history of the land and the great significance of our Bible stories in that location. For some, it is to follow along with scripture as we look up and out to the very place referred to as we study.  For some, it is to have a close up glance at what the Miiddle East is really like, All of us, needless to say, are anticipating special days.

Journey with us.

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