After a most difficult day of golfing at Waterville, where water drenched us golfers for 10 minutes and high winds nearly blew us over, we relaxed and enjoyed our final night in Killarney. It’s date night and all three couples go in different directions – one to a concert, one to a pub, and one to a restaurant, all returning to pack up and head for our final destination.

Let me just say golf in Ireland is not for the faint of heart, Was I crazy to think I could play these courses? Maybe, but I am so glad I was brave enough to forge ahead. Having a caddy is a tremendous help and although they want you to play well, they keep their utter dismay hidden and cheer me to the finish. It’s all worth it.

Our time completed in Killarney, we left the Ross Hotel and headed to Kinsale, a lovely smaller town on the coast. Bright, colored buildings and sparkling water greet us as we arrive at the Perryville House Hotel, a beautiful pink palace, almost 200 years old. 

  It had orginially belonged to a pirate who brought all of his booty into his home before heading back out to sea to plunder again. Fortunately, for us it has been restored to a most comfortable home away from home for us for two nights. Small gardens appear from hallways and windows. Several staircases can lead one to the wrong hallway. With only two days how can we sit in every room and see all there is to see. 


The next day refreshed and ready to go, all of us head to The Old Head as the forecast is for sunny and mile weather.  

 From the moment we turned in we were wowed by the beauty of the grounds, clubhouse, and course.  a good round was had by all and we enjoyed the luck of our day. 




On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a 9/11 Memorial to the firefighters who lost their lives. A moving, tree-lined field overlooking the beauty of Kinsale. 


Kinsale is known to be a foody town. We found a few…Fishy, Fishy which was fun…and fishy. Blue Haven…a good place for a gin and tonic (Irish, that is) and Finn’s Table, an upscale and family-run business and last but not least, The Spaniard, a colorful pub at the top of the hill. 


Too bad we had to leave  when we did. I just read that this year’s Abroad Writers’ Conference is being held in Kinsale…..beginning tomorrow! Who wants to go with me?