The weather continues to amaze and please us. Sunny, warm days and cool nights. It seems the rains come during the night and our activities are only enhanced by the perfect weather. I make a wise decision to not play golf three days in a row. Dunes and bunkers have gotten the best of me. Today (yes, I am two days behind and trying frantically to catch up) I join the girls for a day sightseeing in the Irish mountains.

The Gap of Dunloe was formed two million years ago, whenn slow-moving ice carved out this mountain pass between the MacGillycuddy’s Reeks and Purple Mountain. Queen Victoria visited these mountains and deemed them worthy of preservation.

We have a choice of how we will manage the eight-mile trek up and through the pass – horseback, on foot, or a jaunting cart. We opt for the cart with Bluebell, who will pull us through the pass.



There are places where we are asked to hop out and give our horse a break. We don”t mind as we are swept away in the grandeur of this place.  

   Yes, these sheeo have been painted putple – typically farmers put a bit of color around the neck or back of their animals to distinguish them from other herds as they often graze together.  

We move through the pass and head down toward the spot where we will pick up our boat for our final way home. We decide to walk the final mile or so and say good-bye to our cart and driver. We grab a quick lunch as we wait for our boat captain to pick us up. 

   Away we go. I can’t help but think what might happen should a storm pop up, Too late now as we moved downstream to what  seemed a never -ending journey. Exhilirating,  finally reaching Ross Castle.

 The guys had another wonderful day on the links, this  day playing the course at Tralee along with Arnie.