A few miles down the road is the seaside village of Lahinch. The famous golf course is located between the road and the sea. All roads lead to golf it seems. 

Paddy, the caddy, has been a member for 35 years and could spot a ball a mile away. He could even find a ball in deep grass over the hill. The Irish have great vision! Paddy is the guy on the right. On the 17th hold he tears up and tells me that a year ago today he had a massive stroke and never thought he would walk a course again. He raised is left arm high and said thanks to his sister doctor and great therapists he is alive and well. It was a moment of •real” conversation and my par on the 18th did not matter.

It was another day of sunshine. The course is very similar to Doonbeg with some amazingly tall dunes. One can feel very small on this course. 

The beauty of traveling with flexible friends is that all days are not spent holding hands. This was a day where two rested, one went for a private tour with our driver and the rest of us golfed 

Let me back up. I forgot to mention the  Cliffs of Mohr, a spectacular geological formation of cliffs jutting out into the sea. 

The world is a beautiful place. Flowers and puffins, cattle and dogs. All God’s creation and we get to witness the beauty. Grateful.