We began our day watching this flower market come to life while we drank our coffee and people watched, waiting to go into Trinity College. It is true that Irish people are very friendly. After watching the flower man empty his truck, we complimented him on such a lovely display and he laughed and looked at us joking, saying “Well, you could have helped me unload them all.”

Trinity College is a beautiful landmark in the center of Dublin. We head into the campus to view the Book of Kells and The Long Hall, a stunning library of ancient books.   The. Book of Kells is the ancient four gospels written artistically with beautiful colors and manuscript that is beautifully preserved. It’s kind of like going to see the Mona Lisa. Very small.  You could spend some time here and learn so much.


After immersing ourselves in history we then turn north to find our way to the Jameson distillery for a tour and tasting. The tastings are small by just enough to please the men.  We wrap up the afternoon with a fun lunch at the cafe right outside the door. We are all eating way too much.  Who said Irish food is not good? Not so!

Here are the lassies before heading out to the final event of our day. The musical “Once” was showing and we grabbed spur of the moment tickets and immersed ourselves in this wonderful Irish play of love and loss, hope and trust. We’ll be humming the tunes throughout our trip. It’s fun to see the city alive at night. Tomorrow’s an early day as we depart for the coast and the beginning of our golf adventure at Doonbeg.