In Dublin’s fine city,

Where girls are so pretty,

…..and that’s all I know……

But Dublin is a fine city for sure.

We arrive at The Ashling Hotel in northwest Dublin….sort of away from all the pub noise. Our room is ready early-we are in luck again!

Our friends are slowly gathering and one couple  has just arrived albeit a bit weary. We say “Rest! We are all on vacation.”

Mike and I walk down the street to Nancy Hands, a typical pup with a lively bar and plenty of lunch traffic 

Don’t you agree that storefronts are charming? Fish and chips, salad and sandwiches fortify us for the afternoon. 
We walk off lunch heading northwest into the Dublin Phoenix Park, the largest public park in Europe.  And though we covered only a small portion we admired the simplicity and beauty of this place. 

We regroup with rested friends and hop on the hop-off bus for sights of the city. Of course, the rain comes, but only creates a spirit of fun adventure as we meander toward Trinity College and Graftin Street. I am so glad the one on the right did not exfixiate himself while trying to get the hotel poncho over his head!

Tonight we walked up the street to Ryan’s for a taste of Irish whisky and an amazing dinner of fresh oysters and steak. 

 Busy days bring early nights but we cherish these friends who appreciate flexibility, go with the flow, and love the spirit of the moment. 

Tomorrow…. a little history,  more sight-seeing and last minute tickets to “Once” at the Olympia Theater.