Seven days until Christmas.

These days are full of good things and well wishes as we make our final Advent steps to Christmas Day. Like you, I have my final list of things to do. It will be enough.  It’s not so big when I think about what God did in seven days:

Monday – Light

Tuesday –  Sky and water

Wednesday – Land, seas, vegetation

Thursday – Sun, moon and star

Friday – Fish and birds

Saturday – Animals; man and woman

Sunday – God rested and declared all that he had made to be very good.

Not only the gift of creation, but throughout time God has given gifts to His world. Anne Weems in her poem ,”Gifts from God” reminds me of these additional gifts: a garden, knowledge, things, rainbows, manna, prophets, children and then the ultimate gift of love in the form of Jesus.

Talk about a lavish gift giver! My little wrapped gifts can’t begin to compare – unless they are wrapped in the same love that has been shown to me from Heaven above and given unconditionally. When this, my final Advent week is over, I too, want to declare that all I had done this week was very good.

“There are some that don’ t open their eyes

 or their ears or their hearts

and they still say, that’s not quite enough.

They wander through the stores looking for Christmas.

But others open their whole being to the Lord, bending their knees to praise God.

carrying Christmas with them every day.

For these the whole world is a gift!”(Kneeling in Bethlehem, pg.70)

Great Giver of Gifts,

I want to be among the ones who bend their knees to you. I want to carry Christmas with me every day.