The chairs were arranged and the tables set. The Nicaraguan team gathered throughout the week to prepare for the set-up and host the party that had been in the planning for months. Would the people come? Would the people buy? We would soon find out.

It would not have been possible without the generous offering of Margaret Bostick’s beautiful warehouse. How can a warehouse be beautiful? Just look how the beautiful Nicaraguan art popped among antique mirrors, benches, and armoires.

The evening was exciting – filled with energetic folks, beautiful flowers, and delicious food, all that enhanced the display of the Nicaraguan art.


Behind the scenes were those who created a special playlist, strung the lights, oversaw the caterers and made the evening run like a well-oiled machine.


The guest studied the artistic renderings, giving thought as to where they would hang such a piece or who would be the lucky recipient to receive this lovely gift.


And then it was time for all to gather at the “loading dock turned stage” and settle in for the live auction.

But first, to get everyone’s attention and to create excitement among the crowd, everyone was invited to play “Heads or Tails” , a little fund-raiser in itself where for a mere $20 one gets to play the game with the chance to win 2 Delta tickets. Note the attention to the players and the hopes on the faces of winning a trip to some unplanned destination.

Lucky for Gracie, the daughter of Murray and Robbie, our own missionaries from Nicaragua!! Gracie won the two free tickets!  Guess where she is going??


Bidding was livened up by our own mission trip facilitator, Jan Bilthouse. The little black dresses were a team of auction friends who carried art, sold tickets, and helped in every facet of the event.

At the end of the night, just like the sweets on the table, everyone at the Nicaraguan Art Auction had a sweet spirit about them. The art went home to new homes, new office spaces, new youth and Sunday School rooms. 40 pieces of art bringing in  over $24,000 for the farmers who work at Pinas de Paz and the ministry to the Nicaraguan people.


Praise God from whom all blessings flow! We’re coming back, Petrolilla!!!