When you go on a mission trip, you are invited into homes to visit with the people. The families are kind and gentle with us, knowing we know very little about life as they know it. They go about their work, toiling through the day to make a few dollars. And they show us what they do. And we work alongside them.

My mother made corn tortillas, and maybe I have made one or two with her, but never  have I stood all day in an outdoor kitchen over a griddle and shaped and fried tortillas for income. This family depends on it. Every day. And so we help. Our teacher shows us how to take some cornmeal and a little water and press into a ball. Then we slap it flat and put it on the griddle. nic2











We look and marvel at the perfectly shaped tortilla. And then we try to do it.nic3As you can see from the picture our host is the expert, we are the learner. Everyone laughs about the troubled tortilla in the center. It will not bring in any income, but maybe can be used for soup or stew. Every morsel counts for something.


At the end of our day, our hearts become troubled. Like the tortilla, we can’t fix everything we witness in Nicaragua, but we can offer friendship, love, and hope to these people who work all day for very little.

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