We are home from a special trip. While I must continue to write about it, the journey is over. Or might it just be beginning for us? Sixteen women worked, cried, danced, painted,played games, had great discussions, laughed, visited and shopped coming home with new insights and challenges for our hearts in the days to come. Our minds are filled with ideas and hopes for the Nicaraguan people. 
I can only speak for myself but within one hour of returning home I used running water ( warm and more than I needed ), ran the washer and dryer, and used a hair dryer. All luxuries and practically nonexistent in Nicaragua. After which I walked into a grocery and was overcome by the abundance and availability of food choices. 

They said it would happen. They said we would return with fresh eyes to see the great disparity in life . The important thing to remember is we can work to make a difference even while we are back in the comforts of an abundant lifestyle.  

 One of the differences we made was the delivery of new baseball uniforms for the local baseball team. While the Pineapple Princesses gave the team a run for their money, the real win was the excitement of actually having uniforms that look alike. Beaming with pride and excitement we all gave thanks for the joy of friendship and friendly competition.