Deaf children have a lot to say. Eva and Ed Barlow opened a school for deaf children in 1999. They have 100-120 students and a group of them came to the farm Wednesday to play games, make bracelets,tell stories, and enjoy lunch. Rotations through each well-planned activity was a blessing to us as we not only signed but translated as well. How hard is it to tell a story while one translates to Spanish and the an interpreter sign? But it works. As we read a story about David and the 23rd Psalm, many children signed along, smiling and nodding. We shared laughter and games. One of the teacher’s had her students show us all the continents on the map. Pleased at their knowledge they beamed with pride. we are so much alike. 

At one point in the history of the school the government required the school to allow non-deaf children to attend. The school responded by going into the rural communities and inviting the siblings of the children to fill the spaces. Eva said it was the light after the darkness. Family units became stronger with all children attending the same school. It makes a difference when it takes 2 hours for some of them to travel to and from school.