A hospital visit for low- income patients turned somber as we entered with our small gifts to offer these patients. Families lined the shabby walls waiting on hope. 

There are no private rooms.

There are no bed linens provided.

Pillows are not offered.

Food service is limited

Where is hope? We were looking for God as we entered, laden with fans, hygiene kits, crosses,Scripture and snacks.  But the extreme situations seemed beyond our ability to seeGod  and offer hope. Of course we were wrong. As we moved through the wards we were touched by family love, patience, gentleness, self-control, kindness and yes, love and joy. Love and joy. One woman rose from her bed, and sitting on the side of her bed with swollen body praised our God. She confidently said that we have a new life and this life is passing. She said she had to share the gospel with everyone and asked us to pray for all the other people who were sick. She ministered to us. There was God. 

Another patient was a Canadian woman who had come to Nicaragua and suffered a possible stroke. Our translators and two of our quick-thinking women were able to connect with her family in Canada

Young men and women battling cancer spoke to our hearts. Young adults caring for elderly parents touched all of us. We were able to give away Jesus Calling in Spanish and it was visible this meant the world to these hurting folks. 

Many of us could not sleep after our time at this hospital. The voices of the night – roosters and blowing palm fronds – cried out to God for mercy and justice.  But the devotion from God Calling for Wednesday said,”Joy is the balm for the ills of the world.”  

I think we applied the balm as best we knew how. As Anne said the other day.”the harvest is plenty but the workers are few.”