We gathered early to visit the local school where our church has been very involved in restoration. A new playground and desks provide learning and exercise for the beautiful active children.  

   The children go to school half days, walking to and from. Teachers are loving and the uniformed children are happy and well-behaved. 
We move to our home visits where our first home was to visit Alena whose husband had died in the past year. She lives surrounded by her family. For a living she makes tortillas and we tried our hand at the technique. As you can see there is an art to the process. Mine is the one in the middle and Missy’s is top right. 

 We shared Philippians 4:6-7 and offered a prayer for the family. We did not want to leave but needed to get to the home of Francesco who had suffered a light stroke. He owns a farm and wants to return to work but the doctor says no. Rest. Emily shared John 14 to comfort the family and we all said the Lord’s Prayer.  

 I think we all could have continued to make home visits with these beautiful families who have hit on some hard times. The time with them blessed us immensely.