It’s 5:30 PM. Our flight leaves at 8:40 PM. Three hours to read, people watch, and wait.Why so early, you ask? At 2:00PM today we get an E-notice that our flight is updated to depart at 5:40. What?!?!?

After some mild panicking we find out it was what Delta called a “system glitch. ” The good news is we are here, relaxing in the beautiful new F concourse with time on our hands. A cup of coffee, chat with my children, email decluttering, all give a sense of well-being after the near catastrophe scare of missing our flight.

  It’s fun to see how people busy themselves when they have time on their hands.  Most, surprise surprise are on some electonc device – including me Haha!  My husband is reading the paper the old-fashioned way – love that man! Some people sleep. A little girl is stretched out with a huge doll alongside. Parents walk toddlers while strollers are filled with baggage. But all are rather quiet, waiting to move at some appointed hour.

Waiting can be a real gift. When you know you have done all you can do, then it’s time to sit back and just be.  I’m liking just “being.” But tomorrow will be another story. Bleary-eyed from overnight travel, we will head out, navigating our way through Scotland – Lord willing!