It’s off to Scotland!  Our friends arrived today with this picture of our hotel and view from their room. Looks ike promising golf weather!

John said there is a marriage healing center next to our hotel and that we would probably need it after trying to find The Place Hotel right in the heart of Old Town.

Our friend from Scotland recommended tea at the Dome. I knew my friend, Dinah, would find it right away. Planning to have tea there really soon!

I know, I know. I haven’t even left Atlanta and am already posting photos sent from our friends who will head out tomorrow morning on a bus for three days on Isle of Skye.  Mike and I will leave tomorrow and upon arrival, drive on the opposite side of the road bypassing Edinburgh and heading over to North Berwick.

This is the practice run. Taking all photos with my phone on this trip for ease of transferring to the blog posts.

And just for a little fun, watch this short video of sights and sounds we will be experiencing.

So, come travel with us!