Thw great fortress in the wilderness is Masada. From sophisticated water systems to dive columbariums, Herod thought of everything. He even had enough artillery for10,000 soldiers. It seems no mater where we go, Herod had a say-so in things.

We moved on to Quumron where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. When you see the way the Bedouin shepherds lived it is even more amazing that they could find and secure scrims that would document our faith.

The day was HOT and a good thing we were headed to the Jordan River for baptism. We donned our white robes and celebrated our salvation a on the banks of the river.

From there, we headed down to the Dead Sea for a quick float. I prefer to view the Dead Sea from a bus. Hot and salty can be over ruled by a good tiki bar!

We climbed the mountain to Jerusalem. In sweltering temperatures and throngs of pilgrims, checking off the sights one by one.

And then I realize I donor have the stamina to be a tourist and a journalist! The days are long and my brain is mush. The history is rich and emotional. The days are long and rich in the comraderie of good friends knowing each other better. Late nights of rich conversation endear us to one another.