It is a beautiful morning. We travel out of Bethlehem and head to the coast. We are going to Caesarea, a beautiful coastal spot where Herrod build wondrous buildings, gardens, pools, theatres, and harbors. That guy is amazing, but I still hate him for being so threatened bu the One who could save his life eternally.  Needless to say I still have to give him credit for being the master mind of so many developments and establishements in Israel.

But what I keep seeing in my memories of the day is the small cell where supposedly the apostle Paul was lowered down into while he waited his deportment to Rome as a prisoner.  Probably four feet by four feet, the cell was dug into the ground along the beautiful Mediterranean. Can you just imagine being thrown into a whole along the sea while you wait emprisonment? Even more emprisonment in a far away place? I thought about Herrod in his palace, high above Paul down in his prison hole and remembered that life is just not fair – ever. As Christians we read about Paul and his conversion, his passion, his purpose, his ministry. And then we walk through the ruins and realize once again, that those who stand for the Lord are oftentimes put down – even in a prison hole. Some things just never change.

What I am most thrilled about today is that tongiht I am staying on the Sea of Galilee! I look out over the water as the lights flicker on at sunset and find myself looking for a boat, or looking for a fish to jump out of water, or best of all, looking for Jesus, somewhere out there walking on the water. It’s beautiful and all of us are a little wowed that we are really here. Tomorrow we will start our day on a boat in that sea. It is just a little exciting.

For now though, it is late, the same moon is looking down that will be shining on you in a few hours. What will our days bring. You there. Me here.

Could it be a day of wonder for us all?  Saying good-night from Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee.