“O Little Town of Bethehem, how still we see thee lie”…..but Bethlehem is not so little or still. The inns are huge

and innkeepers abound.



Jacir Palace


After leaving Tel Aviv, we began the ascent up through the hills. The coutryside is arid with eucalyptis, cedar, and olive trees along the busy interstate. The homes spill down the mountainsides, all having the same color as the dry, rocky ground.

We pass through border patrol into Bethelem which is governed by Palistinians. Therre is a high wall surrounding the city which we will learn more about tomorrow.

After a tasty and relaxing buffet of healthy and varied foods, most of us are eager to head to our well-appointed rooms for a good night’s sleep.  From our room, the sky is magnificient and although my photo does not do it justice, I cannot let the night end without giving you a glimpse of the  same waxing crescent moon and brightly shining Venus that is headed your way. Look out at the night sky tonight and you will witness the beauty that surrounds us all.

We really aren’t that far apart, are we?  Saying good night from Bethlehem.

“Where mortals sleep, the angels keep their watch o’er wandering star…”