This is a test.  Hoping this quick blog set-up will reach you who wish to follow our trip.  Not making it public on Facebook for a variety of reasons, but thought you would like  to keep up with our trip on a small scale.

Don’t expect perfection. Just a  glimpse of our days and experiences.

Taking pictures along the way…  of course this is from the garden in Atlanta


Pulling from files and saved photos. Sorry it is so big:(

Maybe they will deliver breakfast from the Village Inn. Kidding, remember, this is a test run on the blog.

We will have been traveling 24 hours with the time change. Bleary eyed for sure.

I am a few hours from some of the most troubled parts of the world. A bit scary for sure.

What to pack for a 10 day trip?

As little as possible.  With three hotels in ten days, the simpler the better.

Four pants, one skirt, six tops, a few scarves.  One sweater, one jacket, Personal items.

One swim suit, cover up, and three pairs of shoes.

And don’t forget camera, chargers, adaptors, and meds.  Plus some energy snacks.

Most importantly, passport, copy of passport, credit cards, and cash.

Isn’t traveling great?  I’m already exhausted.

Okay, let’s see if this goes. Pressing send now.